October 18th, 2004

amelia coast

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who ever said there was no incrowd in college obviously never went to college. It's like...always the bridesmaid never the bride but for friends.

I voted, bitches! Did you?

Ack...I love it when people take thing personally. Okay, so last entry I mentioned something about how boys are all the same. Does it occur to anyone else that males make up 48% of the world's population? That's like 3 billion people (rounded just because of inflation). Please please please don't take things personally, especially when it's not directed towards you.

Annoyed, feeling a bit emo. Feel like this might not be my last post of the day.
amelia coast

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Andy reads my lj. I feel like a big douche. He'll hate me. Thus, the making an ass out of myself post.

And I just feel like a big tool. I hate rehashing everything all the time, but it's always the same damn thing and that's why I usually don't even bother actually posting the details anymore because it's not worth doing.

I dropped my photography class. Of course. Because that's always what amelia does. She always starts something, thinking she can do it, and realizes otherwise. That's because I just ram into things without thinking about the time commitment/consequences/etc. fuck fuck fuck...

third post of the day. I wasn't lying when I said that I knew it wouldn't be the last one.