October 16th, 2004

amelia coast

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I hate school. I loved last night.

went over to Naima's and it was swell and in a crazy chain of events, mindi called me (I <3 you!) upset, we ended up at greg's house, and the rest of the night was fabulous!!! In short:

*I "made up" with anna, or at least she doesn't hate me now because of something stupid that happened a year and a half ago

*In a tragic cross room conversation, I was running across the room back to Sarah (Dave's girlfriend. She's so cute!) and ran smack dab into Schaf's arm. No, not him, just his massive bulky arm.

*Dance party with naima, sarah, Mindi, kinda sorta blove, and jethro attempting to rap to some shit that was on.

*Very happy and pleasantly surprised by something said. And now I'm happy. What doesn't make me happy, but I know everyone does it:

It's very obvious that some people just have to need to create drama. I'd go on but I might end up pissing off some of my flist.

In short, one of the best nights that I've had in a long time. I realize that I don't always need to be phyiscally attached to a guy to have a good time. I'm really glad that I got pulled out of my shell (I say that like I really have a shell when in actuality it's just that I'm tired a lot. But I got platelets!!!)

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is thank you mindi, erin, and naima (among others, but I'm pretty sure those are the lovely ladies with the LJ's that I hung out with last night) for a fantabulous evening.