October 7th, 2004

amelia coast

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*le sigh*

feel much better. Some days, like yesterday, the culmination of events just gets to me so hardcore that my body does the only thing it can to exert some of that anxiety. For me that is crying. I called my mom four times yesterday. By the fourth time I was bawling on the phone to her, she was rather unsympathetic. Yeah, well...

And then I went to chapter (everyone! Join APO!!!! We need new members!!) and I was nominated for two fab positions, which really made me happy that people thought I would be a good candidate, so I might just end up being the new peer educator (unfortunately, I'm up against two "brothers" who have been in APO for much much longer). That would be a ton of work and really time consuming, but it would totally be worth it. I want to jump cannon ball style into APO - I always forget how much I love it and the people involved. It sooths me, makes me happy. For those of you who don't know what it is: Alpha Phi Omega, co ed non greek community service fraternity. I <3 it.

Haha. On my way to chapter last night, I thought it was 103 Deady, so I went to that room, and it turned out to be an office in which three grad students were discussing the pros and cons of using calculators in math class. hahahaha. Turns out it was 301 Deady Hall. Stupid amelia story for the day. :-)
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