September 24th, 2004

amelia coast

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I had a dream that I went to South Africa with Sarah Nelson. I was so mad when my alarm went off at 5:30 AM this morning.

Went out to a dance thingie for the residents with Tom last night. It was fun. We weren't there nearly long enough, but I was tired. :-/

Bryon, you weren't there. That means that you suck. :-/

Time to go to work. at this ungodly hour.
amelia coast

(no subject)

Had writer's block, so I had to sit down and freaking just update fredequalsfun. And it worked out. Read, bitches!

I got yelled at by 2/3 of my bosses today. I think Fili was just having a bad day - she yelled at her daughter in filipino. I was not happy. And we have a shitty bare bones opening shift. And I got yelled at by fat debbie for running with a tub full of 2% milk jugs. Ah, I love fridays.

I must remember, though, that these boys who are ever so crafty at trying to hook up with anyone and everyone and flirt with the coffee girl - that they are barely legal. And gross and just want to score. Must resist temptation to smile back at that tall skinny emo boy.

Oh, haha, something else at work: you know they are incoming freshman when they get the stupidest things for breakfast, you know? Like, there are these two guys who have gotten cremosas each morning and you know that they wouldn't be exposed to something like that back home for breakfast. Easy access. And then I had the same convo with one, Jeremy, eacho morning:
"grape cremosa"
"We don't have grape"
"Oh, what do you have?"
"Hon, do you SEE that back wall?"

two days in a row.