March 6th, 2004

amelia coast

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Yesterday was perfect, in that post-hospital, I still feel like ass kind of way.

I went and hung out with naima, and we went to see OTR, who were not nearly as good as last year, but still entertaining, and we got to be with the lovely Erin and Catherine and Brenden. Brenden invited us to this party at the lorax, which is a co op right down the street from where I live. Nine PM rolls around, and I called chris to see if he wanted to go along with me. And he did. And the party at the lorax was like a cloran reunion. Not only were erin and brenden and chris and I there, but almost every other guy from our hall showed up, not to mention the band that was playing way 3/4 cloransterdam kids. And I saw damask there, too. She was really drunk and when I told her what happened recently, she gave me this big ass hug and forgave me and I forgave her and it was this big weird thing.

And graham was just too cute. I told him that I loved his shirt, and him, being extremely drunk, was all, "I love you, I mean, your shirt...damn..." haha. He is too cute.

And then I went back to Erin's and we watched season 5 of "sex and the city" and I am in love with that show now. I must own season 1. It was a perfect night, just with the girls and we stayed up late eating chocolate and watching girly stuff and I just love those girls so much. It definately makes me appreciate my friends more when I don't have a guy to coo over all the time. I love them. Well, my boys from the rock are the exception. I love them too. Maybe entirely too much. I hope you guys get better, since I know that andrew reads this!!!
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amelia coast

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to whom it may concern,

why is it that the most unwanted body hair stays on the body after chemo? Can it not leave as well?