November 26th, 2003

amelia coast

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Oh man. I love my nifty new icon. (except that zac is only half way in there)

Not as much as I like chalk one. So for suz, I will change it back in a few days...

I went tofurkey shopping yesterday. That's right. I am cooking thanksgiving for my folks and I am stoked about it.

Why is it that some people just always have to be right? Honestly, there is this girl in my pathways seminar that I just wish would disappear without my intervention. Because my presentation (which, by the way, my partner completely bailed on) was just a little bit controversial (it was about president's bad moves in office and the lack of consideration for non-white people) she flipped out. Gah. I want her to go poof and disappear so I don't have to deal with her any more.

Got my fishy back. I am happy.
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amelia coast

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Alrighty. So I am breaking down and being thankful for crap. Well, I am, but now I am voicing that thankfulness. Should it be in french? :-)

I am thankful for all my friends: Jeanne, Jessica, Jennifer, Jen, Suz, Andrea, Sarah, Doris, Naima, Beth, Kat, Heather, Tim, Sean, Matt, roommate Sarah, Andrew and Nate, Graham, Andy, Tony, other Beth, Chris, the other two chris's, Heidi, Laura, Roger, yet another Chris, Alyssa (even though I have yet to meet her, she still seems pretty damn cool), Chance (I suppose), Grayson, Jenn, Kelli, every one of the Mikes (there are three of them), Paul and Paul, Justin #1 and Justin #2, and Travis. Undoubtedly I might have missed someone, but I tried to get everyone.

And I am thankful for my full ride and for my financial aide and for my apt and my job (even though I close the effing place, I am thankful to work with the best closing shift EVER and I love those guys, and I am oil wrestling Graham sunday night) and my fish Loki.

And I am thankful for those who have made a significant impact in my life, not necessarily good, but that which does not kill us makes us stronger. And for Robert who got me through so many things. May he rest in peace.

I am thankful for my parents (yeah, all three of them) and for tae kwon do and Mr. Allen and Mr. Tinker and (god forbid) Mr. Kotsovos because they were my favorite teachers EVER.

And for me being able to find myself in this chaotic world.

And for Hanson because they make me happy.

And and and for tofurkey.
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