April 16th, 2003

amelia coast

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Yay for wonderful boyfriends and new cell phone ringtones (aquiring new ringtones = 2 hours of bs-ing with my phone = 2 hours of not studying. go figure) and working out and assloads of laundry and sooooooooooooooooo much caffeine and back with complex government and waaaaaaaaay boring RA classes and new assistant positions and a potential job this summer and crazy friends for life and the mallard and his girlfriend and crazy squirrels of death and www.ratemykitten.com. Oh, and my mom being a freak in Florida with the uncle (her adopted brother) who thinks he is a messenger for god.

Yeah, so I am totally stoked about this whole Lab assistant thing. I might be an assistant in the archaeology lab for the head professor of the department. I still don't know if I want to change my major. Well, I do *this* week, but I have procrastinated the whole year because it changes bi-weekly. And I want to be certain. But I love this class so much and I am really confident in the assistant position. I meet with him on thursday.

And complex government? That sure is a prime example of being careful what you wish for. I was just telling Logan and Naima today about how I wished I could get back into CG, and Logan called me this evening (when I had just put on a pore-mask thingie that I yoinked from the ya ya sisterhood thingie) saying that I should hurry up and get down there because they didn't have enough people to vote. So I get there and Tara stares straight at me while announcing the new available position. Way to get me back into government. So I am excited. I miss it, but I sure do NOT miss Drew, especially now that he is president. God, I love it (notice the sarcasm?) how he decides what the executive board agrees and disagrees with even before they discuss the subject. And I will be serving under him? So help me god if he is an ass to me at an exec meeting.

I am sooooo stoked to go home this weekend. Be with my honey, go to church (yay! go me!), and test leann for her black belt. Sooooooooooo (times infinity ) nervous about the whole thing. I am sure I will do fine. Stupid nerves.

Oh, my ring from my mother broke! It wasn't that expensive or anything, I just loved it and wore it all the time. I hope that it can be fixed. In fact, it is the anti-expensive, I think it is sterling silver or something. Hopefully something can be done.

Okay, it sure is way past my bedtime (think, 1 AM) so I am sleepy and I think the caffeine is wearing off. Hopefully!!!!
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