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I solemnly swear that I am up to no good -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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[16 Feb 2003|02:09am]
[ mood | drunk ]

Well, I went over to colin's house and we talked about it. It was a really good talk. I asked him if we were "over", and he wasn't sure. I guess he is just under a lot of pressure from Adrienna and he kinda felt like he had to perform. I told him that he knew how I felt about him, and he was like, "well, if I am gonna do this (as in, hook up with someone) I want it to be only me and not anyone watching and waiting over my shoulder," or something like that. Which is good. I feel really good about the whole thing. I asked him, " friends, right? You aren't gonna hate me and have bad vibes about the whole thing and be all, 'that was the worst month of my life and I want her to die'?"?? and he was all, "No, we totally are friends. I could never want you to die. definately friends."

So, I realize that I wanted to be his gf more for the idea and not the actual boy. But it's all good. I am glad that we are friends, and we still goofed off right after we talked, so everything is better.

WHY THE FUCK ARE WE THE ONLY SCHOOL IN AMERICA THAT DOESN'T HAVE PRESIDENT'S DAY OFF??? It's okay, even though we are honoring the "good" presidents, bush is one of them, so we might as well not have that day off.

I watched "Schindler's List" today with Roger. I think that every child should be required to watch that movie some time in their educational careers. It is a rad movie and sad and it has a good portrayal of what went on. There was a scene that was a close up of one of the violin players, and then I realized that he was in titanic, too. The head string quartet guy? yeah, that's him. "Hi, I play a violin player in tragic early 20th century movies." God, I love you roger.

blah. I am kinda drunk and really tired. yay for drunken twister with andrea from apo. she is rad. goodnight.

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[16 Feb 2003|09:54pm]
Operation Enduring FReedom? Operation En-fucking-during freedom? Is he a fucking moron? Can our fucking president be any dumber? I mean, freedom and war cannot possibly co-exist in the same breath. freedom is such a relative word, because it only liberates one person: the leader in charge of the offensive army, relieving his conscience from the crimes against humanity. Fucker. why couldn't he just...die, or...get shot and die...or have a stroke and die...or get ass raped by a monkey? Just some thoughts. FUCK OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM!!!! FUCK BUSH.
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