January 26th, 2003

amelia coast

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Well, we still aren't official. I went over to his house on friday night and we...had fun. I slept over and he made me pancakes in the morning. It was great. I am sooo into him...I want him!!!

I have been talking to this guy for a few days that I met off of hotornot. I can't believe that. OMG, this guy is killing me!
Nerveagents02: Sorry
Nerveagents02: I got kicked off
Amelialaine: it's all good
Amelialaine: I just don't want you to think of me differently
Nerveagents02: No, I totally don't. Here is the way I look at it
Nerveagents02: Let me tell ya a little bit about my religious back ground, k?
Amelialaine: k
Nerveagents02: I was born into a family of Jehovahs Witnesses. For my whole life, I have been taught that is the ONLY real religion. I've studied with them and gone to where sunday sevices aswell as there tuesday and thursday services
Nerveagents02: but now, I.....I don't really say that I belong to a certain religion
Nerveagents02: I don't go to church
Nerveagents02: And for the most part I don't think orginized religion is truthfull at all
Amelialaine: well, I have a huge take on it, and it would take forever to explain
Nerveagents02: I believe people make choices in life
Nerveagents02: Some good, some bad
Nerveagents02: But I think in the long run god just wants us to be happy and to try and make the best decisions for us
Amelialaine: well, that
Nerveagents02: No one is perfect, and most religions try to use a perfect man as a model for us to follow
Amelialaine: is a good thing, I think
Amelialaine: that's true
Nerveagents02: But that is not realistic
Nerveagents02: There is no way we will ever live up to him
Nerveagents02: And for people to expect that from us is absurd
Nerveagents02: And I think that religions are heavily based on opinons
Nerveagents02: I'm VERY spiratual
Nerveagents02: I believe in god
Amelialaine: and so am I
Nerveagents02: And I can say that I love him
Nerveagents02: And I respect him
Amelialaine: but I think that there is a difference between spirituality and religion
Nerveagents02: But how do I know what religion is right when everyone is telling me that it's wrong
Nerveagents02: Any religion I choose to go to, there is gonna be another 100 telling me that I'm wrong
Amelialaine: tru dat
Nerveagents02: So how do I know which is right???
Amelialaine: people abuse religion, they can use it as an excuse
Amelialaine: which is dumb
Nerveagents02: So I basically don't choose and hopefully god will tell me which one is right
Nerveagents02: Or he will understand my opinion and love me for it
Nerveagents02: So for me to say your mom is a horrable person for being gay.......I can't do that. It's her life choice. If she thinks that is the best thing for her, well then I'm happy for her. I won't treat her any differently at all
Amelialaine: well, people think of ME differently for it, that's the thing. this is all getting very confusing...anyway...
Nerveagents02: I personally don't choose to live like that, but if I slandered her and told her she was wrong I would be going against what the bible says

I cannot believe the nerve this guy has. I haven't even met him in person. fucker. He went down 80 gajillion notches on my respect scale.

Roger is being so cool lately. I am digging hanging out with him. I feel kinda bad that he has to hear about me and colin, but he is being a real person and not a weird ambiguous entity that knocks on my door strangely. I thought I would miss him and my liking him, but I sooo don't. It is almost better this way. He bleached his hair. Can you say Guy Pierce??

Falling in love with Dispatch! You think they will all marry me? Polyandry??? I think that's what it is called...

Playing DDR like a mad donkey (??) lately. Loving it. Suck it, Tater!!! haha
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