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Mwa haha. Hung out with Colin last night. It was exactly what I needed to feel better about this whole thing. I called him, and after my stupid thing at the banquet, he's all, "oh, so you have time to hang out now?" Oh, shut up, ass! Anyway, I did my happy dance all over and scared (On the rocks sings Mmmbop! Makes my day!!!) *anyway* I scared everyone in the hall because I was sooo happy that I was gonna hang out sober with Colin. His brother got some pot, and even though he smokes sometimes, he decided to hang out with me instead. SCORE! So we got Signs, crazy ass movie, and we snuggled on the itty bitty couch. He at first was gonna sit on the other couch, and I was like, "come sit by me!" And he came and snuggled (I am gonna use that word as much as possible because naima hates that word. mwa haha), and then we watched Clerks. funny movie. We didn't make out or anything, but it was just the right mixture of everything that makes me happy and convinces me that we aren't just drunken hooking up. He was all cute and played with my hair and piercings and, well, we kissed, but just the right kind, you know, not too much and not too little. okay, enough mooshiness.

Aww...I was listening to On The Rocks' CD from last year, and in "I can see clearly now" they go into MMMbop. I heard that for the first time this morning, and it made my day. any group that sings them is my new best friend. tee hee. I am gonna be in a good mood for the rest of the day. Which is good, cuz it is gonna be a hellishly long one! I am hungry. I took Colin into Lazar's Bazaar. Jeanne first introduced me to them, and I thought I would spread the joy. Unfortunately, their dickies are outragously priced. Like, twice as much as he pays for dickies at K-mart. Can you get girl's dickies at K-mart? Anyone know? Cuz he got his for $17. Schmuck. I got a new necklace at Lazaar's, though. yay for that!

Ran into some kids from HS yesterday. One was Alex, a guy that I had a thing with. Nothing serious, but it lasted a few months. We made out on new year's and stuff. Haha. He is sopomore in HS still. Naima thinks I robbing the cradle. His mom never liked me, anyway. And he doesn't drive. I wouldn't want his mom to drive us all over. that would be sooo dumb. It was crazy. I am soo glad that I got to see him. They asked me to hook them up with some pot, though. That was dumb. fuckers.
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