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My aunt changed her name. I don't know why this bothers me as a)I've never met her, b) I don't really think of her as an aunt, just my dad's sister (which is the definition of aunt, but I have no emotional ties to that side of my genetic makeup), and c) it shouldn't bother me that she changed her name. Because it's just a name. Or is it? It's a pretty name, too. She changed her name from Christianne Dean to Claire Forest. Oh, bah.

I'm sitting here, wasting time before my midterm (which I will undoubtedly fail, since I didn't know about it till Tuesday)...I just had a mini lunch with Ruxton, where I proceeded to almost blow up the Lillis Cafe. No joke. The stupid girl, on top of giving me a nasty ass bagel, gave me hard cream cheese. I hate hard cream cheese. So I went to put the little philly cream cheese packet in the microwave. Who'd have thunk the stupid little cream cheese packet would have aluminum in it? I thought it was all plastic. So after a nifty little light show (and by "light show" I mean "almost blowing up the microwave"), I decided to pull the thingie out of the microwave. Most likely more later, after the lab and after the midterm. Woot.
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