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Three hours and two papers later, the last thing I want to do is type up a post. But some things should be said and I'm an LJ maniac, so it works out, right?

HPUO: probably, most likely happening somewhere sometime tomorrow. Fabulous, eh?

CH: I have a fabulous faculty. Delegation rocks.

RL: it's amazing how you affect and/or influence someone else's life. For example, I know what some people are and how they influence MY life. A simple hug or holding one's hand has the ability to brighten my day unconditionally. Why I feel this way, I don't know, because at least I'd like to think I know what's going on and that I influence what's going on in my life. But when this person, most likely unbeknownst to himself, does certain things in my life I can't help but smile. And when we get in fights regarding stupid cell phones and whatnot, it hurts like a fissure in my ass (Name that movie!). And so, based on this, I wonder how I or anyone influences anyone else's life without knowing it. Goddamn circle of life crap.

I put a flower on Hatoon's tree bench today. Goddamnit, people QUIT DYING. I'm done with it. I will accept no more deaths. I'm sorry. This whole death thing has gotten WAY out of hand. Angie sure was a fad starter. No, seriously. It seems she affected more people than she realized. I heard a pair of boys riding bikes talking about it today, how one of them (or was it a "she"? I'm still not quite sure) at one point had wanted to give her a bike helmet because she might have needed it. And then she dies from head injuries. The one time I talked to her, she was so insanely LUCID that I couldn't quite grasp it. I think she did a lot of drugs.

I got hit on hardcore today. This guy, who I've seen around, totally passed me and said hi to me. And then, once I was completely past him, he asks me

"do you know where the lost and found is?"
me: "for what?"
him: "I seem to have lost the most gorgous pair of brown eyes." *squinty face at me* "OH, there they are!"
me *smirking* "You're sweet" thinking: "and desperate. welp, see ya later."
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