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The general consensus? I think I'm slowly going insane.

APO exec - any training that would have helped + two papers due this week + Kaz's funeral + flu + that boy + HPUO = amelia going crazy.

I either quit my position or I do something about it. Because it's driving me batty. Someone else in my position next term couldn't possibly do any worse than I'm doing right now. Do I quit? Or do I hold out for another term to make me completely and utterly insane?

And of course. Another brilliant episode of "Amelia does something stupid" was aired today around 11:30 am. Hope you all enjoyed that one. Writing credits go to coryp, bijouxamour and kchild. Enjoy.

Despite having met and befriended the original subject of my first "friendship is fickle" post, I still concur with...myself. How many people do you cross on the street and never even smile at? How many people do you see between passing periods that are friends just waiting to happen? Crapcicles. I have like...3 friends that I hang out with on a regular basis, outside of class and on my own time. One of them I live with (don't get me wrong, Suz, I love you). It was such a nice change to have to walk five minutes away to hang out with some friends that I normally don't hang out with, ending up even with Sarah Nelson. Which was nice. And unexpected. I need to get out more. I have all these people in my phone list, people that I constantly tell to "call me" or "we should hang out" but how effing often does it actually happen? How many people do I hang out with outside of APO, HPUO, school, etc? How many people do I make it a point to spend time with outside of everything? ...3 One of which I see so infrequently that I actually rearrange my schedule just to go have a drink with or something. Or whatever.

LJ, you lose at making me social. Lame.

I had something fabulous to say about my anth 270 class (don't I always?) but I was slightly disheartened by that and making up lab so now I can't remember. Bullocks.

Sterling: something happened to that pretty picture that you had put on my background, and I keep switching to make up for it (it just kind of up and disappeared one day), but I'm not happy with it. any suggestions?

And WTF? Beyonce? So over you.

Edit I want a Harry Potter Easter basket for Easter. The end.
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