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If I never hear another utterance regarding cell'll be too soon

that's right.

Some people just don't understand how they influence you or how they appear in your world. They just don't understand what they're doing (or not doing), and it fucking sucks.

I've been trying to decide what to update about for two days. I guess nothing's really happened so I really didn't feel the need to update. Or significant things in my life just seem to personal to share. (*gasp* really? Amelia doesn't want to bare all in her livejournal? Has something happened? Can this be true?) Or livejournal just seems so impersonal. One or the other.

I've been trying to decide whether I should a)alter the content of this post, or b) alter the post itself. But no. Some things just need to be said. I never said it would be good.

Kaz passed away yesterday. Some fuckface reccomended her take a cough syrup with codein when she's fucking allergic to it. The leukemia had also metastized into her lungs. Someone stole her away. I never got to say goodbye. Goddamnit. It hasn't really sunk in yet. Tomorrow's her funeral. It just seems like so much to handle. Fuck.

Everything after that? It all just seems so trivial. Today. Yesterday. My trip to the ER (again). Job status. Movie Marathons. APO goodness. Cell phones and their adverse effect on society. Kitten droppings. Flirty GTFs.

But the good news is that, despite a 103 temp and a 7 hour stay in the ER, I will live. Or so says the doctor. Good to know. She basically said (although I may be paraphrasing this just a bit), "don't have so much damn fun all the time!" And I wouldn't be getting influenza. That's right folks. And the fuckwits wouldn't let me have a flu vaccine. Man, I feel great, nifty, dandy, never better...asshats...

It's not really angry girl raging. It's more like sick girl mulling over the past 48 hours. I'm sorry if this all comes off as raging bitch. That's not what I intended...
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