amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

Life's not what it seems, so let's keep dreaming...


why is it that the day starts out good and then goes to shit by midday?

I met with Nick, the adorable yet incompetent GTF (at this point, I will have to remove the "yet incompetent" part from his title. He's not incompetent - he just lacks a good professor/boss - Geraldine is sucktastic. Funny, and nice, but sucktastic nonetheless. He's not incompetent, he actually knows A LOT). Anyway, I met with him this morning regarding the Primate Conservation Society thingie. It was good, I guess I can bring more to the table than he or I anticipated, so I'm really excited to get this rolling. While I'm in no way looking towards a career in primatology, it was a good start.

And then class. *snorts* yup, she sucks.

And then work. Which was the shittiest work ever. God, I STILL need a new job. I missed a dr's appointment. I rock.

But yesterday I made two new shirts - I had two band shirts, Nothing Less and the Wobblies, (OMG someone just did the Napoleon Dynamite sigh of doom behind me) and they were both too big for me, so I never wore them. So I bought fitted tees, cut out the logos on the band shirts, and sewed the logos on the new shirts. It was creative and funtastic.

Fuck. I'm rambling.

Edit Because, as usual, I don't want to post again.

You know how DPS is cracking down on people riding bikes, roller skates, skateboards, etc by the EMU over hang?


I wonder what they would do if I rode down there on a llama (or some other pack animal).
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