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All we are is dust in the wind

I've written and rewritten a bunch of posts (and deleted a few after posting them) trying to sum things up in a neat and orderly fashion to serve to my flist.

Life doesn't happen that way.

I'm sorry I've been a downer lately, my lovely flist. I'll try to return to the regularly scheduled programs consisting of bashing my anth 270 professor (*snorts* she was almost fired last year, from what I gathered in a conversation to Kelly the anth super senior yesterday), APO bad assness, ad general good juju. Once I figure out how I can function again.

I've realized a lot of things lately. None that I really want to share. *le sigh* But this! I was thinking about love yesterday.

Or something like that.

Love isn't what humans need. It's companionship. Primates don't require love to function. Love is fake, it was created by people like Shakespear. I believe love is similar to communism: it looks good on paper, but then when you get into it, really all the euphoria is is lust. And what do you have left once the lust is gone?

A companion. Primates have social circles, full of companionship. Love is a man made thing, similar to time. Something that humans abide by, but it really doesn't mean anything. Love is nothing more than Lust + a good friend.

I like that anthropology helps me think this way.

I like llamas too.
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