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Went to go watch On the Rocks yesterday, and then I was already way wet, so we went puddle jumping. Yay for oregon weather. It was hella fun. I got so hardcore soaked. After that, we all played dress up and went out to dinner for Erin's birthday. And then, Mud Football, baby! It was sooo rad. Colin was on my shit list, because on Thursday he told me that he could come, and then he made other plans, and it way pissed me off. But, he came and visited me at the field when we were playing, and he was way wasted. That was a turnoff. He was kind of cute though. I was way muddy, and he pointed to my lips and was like, "are you muddy right there or can i kiss you?"

So I went over to his house and had another drunken hookup. Well, my body certainly liked it, but it is just getting old. I mean, I like him soooo much. And that is all we do. We never have sober make outs. We hang out, just not all over each other, which makes me wonder if he likes me or if he just wants my body. Oh, well. Only time will tell.

Talked a lot to Roger's Emily last night. She was at Colin's when I got there. I guess she doesn't hate me. That is good. It was nice to hang out with her outside of school and band. She is so rad. She looks a lot like Stephanie (the bitch), but she is sooooo much cooler. We had a long talk about everything - Roger (haha. I finally told her the kissing story), piercings, Colin (I guess everyone there knew that we were an item. That's cool), and mud football. She is sooo cool. I am glad that she doesn't hate me.

I ate breakfast with my mommy yesterday! She was passing through to washington for a Unity seminar. It was awesome to see her. I love her soooo much.

As a result of the stupid elements here in beautiful oregon along with the fact that I got really drunk last night, I am way sick. It fucking sucks. On the bright side, no work today! Yay!
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