amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

I get a call something like this from Andy on Friday:
Andy: "Hey, what are you up to?"
Me: "Nothing, you?"
Andy: "It's Sam's birthday tonight, you wanna come?"
Me: "I dunno..."
Andy: "Well, I'm just trying to get people to go, most of Sam's friends are in Portland now..."
(that's so adorably sad)

So I went to Corvallis.
And it was awesometastic.

WOW. I haven't seen most of that crew in almost a year. And it's the same crew. I love it. OMG. Crazy good to see everyone - AJ and Ty were fucking awesome - I saw them and I get a huge hug from both of them and were both like, "It's fucking awesome to see you!" (Ty and AJ being brothers and the drummer and "lead" singer in Andy's band, The Wobblies). Andy, Tony, Sam, Bryan, Ty, AJ, Charlie, Jess, the other Jess, (even though she didn't remember me), and then Rebeccas (whom I've met once but didn't get to know her), and met some bitchen new people like Kristen and Brady (who fucking looks like Steve Buscemi. Rock on).

Crazy impromtu good weekend. *snorts* I fell like ten feet trying to get down from a loft. Probably told someone too much on Friday night.

Show at AJ's bar (not the same AJ though).

It was nice to be able to walk in the front rather than sneak in the back like before.

I fucking love those guys.
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