amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

Today: good, bad, good.

midterms: survived.

skipping class: bad.

skipping class to get my prescriptions: understandable

skipping class to get my prescriptions which turns into a question about my insurance: a hassle

skipping class for (in the end) nothing: annoying as fuck.

resolution: good

HPUO: awesometastic. We had about half the amount of people that we did last week, but that was due to most likely two things: a) weeding the people out who didn't want to be there/it wasn't for them, and b) midterms. This thing is my baby, and I really want it to work out. We had three mini "lessons" today, which were pretty cool. I liked Meg's, she made snitch and quaffle shaped cookies for potions, I had divinations, where I taught about the juxtaposition between your house and your astrological sign (apparently Snape and I are the same person. I'm scared), and then Jeanne did this really cool Herbology lesson. I must admit, in the beginning I didn't think I would like it, but I did and it was great! She had some really interesting back ground and Greek mythology, which just goes to show you that the right teacher can make anything fun.

I think for next week I need to have a get up and move activity. I forgot to assign a house for next week's activity, so I think it will be on me again. Damnit. I just get the vibe that it really bores people to just sit there discussing. I don't mind it, I love it, but I hope others like it as well. Like I said, Meg and Erica (fuck, I called her Erin tonight and felt like a moron) seemed really into it. So maybe some logic thingies or a scavenger hunt or some other really cool activity? Anyone got any ideas that would be fun and I could adapt them to be HP related?

Otherwise, it was cool, we had two new members, one was Tom and another girl, Liz, I don't know where she heard about it, but it was pretty cool.


Freaky taylor has discovered how to kick his food dishes around. I wonder where I will find them in the morning when I go feed him.

First shift tomorrow at work. The guy seems pretty cool. It's a small world. This guy, John, that I work with, has been talking to Diane online for over a year. Also, his girlfriend is friends with Suz. Crazy. I saw him yesterday outside of work and he asked me if I was friends with someone who lived in Scotland this year. Turns out it's diane! Also, remember that post I made a while back about that Daily Emerald article that I really liked? By that Ailee girl? I work with her too. I really like her, she seems really cool. I told her I was a fan of hers.

*le sigh* I wish life were a movie.

Katie: Hope everything went well with Boyfriend's operation.
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