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I just had the best horn lesson ever! At the beginning of studio, I was thinking just how much I hated horn lessons and that they were too much for me and that I could never be as good as that. I had just gotten my solo and hadn't practiced at all, only practicing scales a little before class.

My lesson, though, was awesome. I did beautifully on my solo, Sonata Opus 17 by Bethoven and he was astounded at how well I did. I must have just been really nervous last time, because I kicked the solo's ass. I was all over it. It was amazing, and my teacher was blown away. I was soooo happy. The raddest part of the deal, though, was the fact that he is gonna try to get me into Symphonic band.

Now, why is that such a big deal? Because, a) It is only by audition, b) technically, you aren't allowed to audition for it spring term, and c) (the kicker), it is under the direction of one Todd Zimbleman. Yes, folks, the dick from marching band. Professor King, (hornology guy), though, is sure that I will be able to just play for him and he will WANT me in band. I am stoked. He kind of owes me, though, because of the whole thing when he mocked the way I marched in front of everyone. So, that will be to my advantage as well. Geez...we will just have to see.

He even got me a new horn. He told the guy that I was in his studio class, and he got me a better horn. A nicer horn. A prettier horn. One that doesn't kill your pinky finger when you play the B flat trigger. yay for me!

In other news, I went over to Colin's last night. That was cool. Lots of fun. He is a sweety.

One of the guys from On the Rocks asked my friend Erin about me. Not hot Peter, but it was cool all the same because he mentioned me by name, asking who I was. Yay! She invited all of the guys to come play mud football with us on her birthday on friday. I am stoked! Wrestling hot boys in the mud. HELL YEAH!!
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