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holy fuck I have a job!
I have a job!
I have a job!
I have a job!
I have a job!
I have a job!
I have a job!
I love llamas

Today: wonderful. did I mention I have a job? Oh, well in that case I have a job! haha. We're going out to Taylor's tonight. Best bar ever because it's named after the hottest, most androgynous singer ever. Rock on.

No really. Ran into craig/ryan, so that was awesome, what a star. :-) Had a girly talk with Adrianna and Kristy, that was good, spent time with Annie, talking things over, that was good, and it was good to talk about things I don't normally tell people, that was good. Had good classes and heard rocking rastamusic (I think the term "Rasta" is misleading because it is splitting a word in half that is already two other words, "Ras" and "Tafari" and "Rasta" is one full word and part of the other word, so it's really misleading, I found that amusing but that's okay, cuz I'm a nerd) and Beth actually thought Jason Isaacs was in Eugene.

To clarify: There were no flying squirrels, Amazonian women, or Jason Isaacs sightings. At all. And Starbucks still has caramel.


*does the kick ass dance*

EDIT a pic spam, compliments of little_s42

Me fixing roommate Suz's hair:

Suz's first hard A shot EVER:

Jeanne, me, and Andrea:

the three of us again in a less blackmailtastic pose:

Jeanne and I:

almost all of us:

I have no clue what's going on, but I think that's my ass:

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