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Oh day started out good, but then a flying squirrel attacked me when I left my apartment to get coffee, and then I was accosted by two very burly amazonian women who tried to steal my bra and make me join their tribe, and then when I told them I didn't have any money, I got to starbucks and they were out of then I went to safeway and realized jason issacs had JUST been there and I missed him!

Today I thought.
Thought about the times
the places
the scence
the faces

Missing you harder
Than I ever thought possible
The laugh
The smile
Kicking myself in the ass

It wasn't my choice
It wasn't my chance
It wasn't my turn
to hold your hand

When I'm weak
You make me strong
I hate that.

Yeah. That's my today in a bottle. Stripped, of course, of about a frillion other...things
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