amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

watching Ben Hur.

What more can I say? I love epics, and this one is epictastic. And it stars Charlton Heston.

Did some feel good service with Ted and Dave this morning (shut up all of you, it was for APO). I'm glad I didn't bail - it was fun, there was a lot of pirate inspired jokes, and it put a lot of things in perspective.

So much of the time I get caught up in the measley things - appearance, how much money, clothes, entertainment, etc I have, stupid drama, etc. But really all of those pale in comparison to successful APO events, regardless of whether or not they're fellowship or service. Just knowing that I'm having fun and helping people out is the best. And so we worked outside at Buford Park in the dirt and it was dirtastic and really what I needed.

Especially after last night, in which a whole buttload of us APOers went to go see a movie that Craig/Ryan (one of my pledgelings last term who I always accidentally called Craig for no good reason because I don't know any craigs like him (most of the craigs I know are assholes) and of course I knew his name anyway) was kind of the star of...and it didn't happen. Hot off the press doesn't really cover it, because the movie never made it off the press - they were having so many problems that we didn't get to see it yet. I think CraigslashRyan was the most disappointed of it all and that's just so unfortunate, because he was so excited about it and there was a full house in theatre (shut up, I know I spell it funny) at the Bijou.

And other fun happenings involving someone named Max and some peanuts.
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