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Remember: we're slytherin, and we're the best

First ever HPUO meeting!

HPUO went extremely well - including me, we had 18 people (all girls, gotta work on upping the man quotient). Sorting was long but fun, with the surprising majority of Hufflepuffs. There was only one girl who was vehemently opposed to her house, but she was really hard to sort. She ended up sticking with her house, which was nice, so we don't have to resort them. So, instead of an hour long sorting, it should only take a few minutes. One girl, Meg, had some really great ideas and I really hope that they all stick (minus one because he was only there for Ruth. Stupid Geminis), but Ruth, you were a great help! Thank you!

So I was amazed at the amount of people that turned up, the great ideas that flowed freely, and it looks like there's gonna be some great interhouse unity. I really like the two girls in my house (Slytherin, duh!), one girl who is actually one of my pledges, Rose, who is this cute shy girl who I really think there is waaaay more to here than meets the eye, and then this quirky girl caitlin who reminds me of heather vincent, quirky, funny, off beat sense of humor and this weird, quiet "I'll kill you with my witty reinforcements and love of the French" kind of thing. Hard to describe, but very Heather Vincent-y (whom I saw before the meeting). So I like them both. We're the smallest house, surprisingly there's more gryffs than slyths, but I think the sorting went really super well.

We've decided that there will be professors, people who will teach 15-20 minute lessons with a short activity and that could be one activity, and then the houses might lead another activity - still need to iron out the details. I've got divinations (surprised?) and then for DADA, we're gonna do stuff like Wiccan and Pagan stuff (provided everyone is okay with that, some people are weird like that), and then for potions (get this) we're gonna do cooking/baking/yummies. Meg badgie rockslikewhoa.

Eventually, when we get an assload of people (and at this rate, that number will be reached within a few meetings), I think we will assign Heads of Houses and/or prefects, people to delegate responsibility to and to be in charge of their houses planning projects. I organized it and everything, I'm not the headmistress or anything (or if I am, it's in a Dumbledore way and not an Umbridge way), but it's kind of my baby and I can't wait to see it grow. It's a democracy for sure.

I was so nervous about it! Going into it, I was nervous I'd have like three people. I hope all the members stay and we grow!

/harry potter

Diane got me to thinking a lot about everything. Reading johnvscancer is hard, but it's good and it needs to be done. He seems like a wonderful human being, someone not unlike myself.

I've made it this far. I've made it. I'm a survivor. So is Shirley. This is something that has changed us. Or me at least (have you MET my new sense of humor?). So John will be too. John, if you're reading this, you've got a lot of support. It may seem frivolous, but just know that cancer is like cleaning your room: it gets worse before it gets better. Enjoy the morphine and psychedelic stuff while you can, because after that you'll be sober and that's not nearly as fun.

I wish I could just reach out and hug you. I don't know you. But nonetheless, hugs to you.

**new song, more upbeat, must not wallow**

nick the so-cute-yet-so-incompetent GTF was so...I don't know what the word was, but Katie and I are both Anth majors and we were using our honed anthropology lingo and he was all "I like what I hear coming from this area" and points to our end of the table, and just kind of strikes me as this person who fights for something that can't be saved. And is incompetent. At least today's lab was a little easier than last week's, I had time to spare after I finished my observations. I was thinking about joining his primate thingiemajigie but...I don't know what I would bring to it, plus it's not my area (although I'm always up for saving cute non human primates that we can learn a lot from), plus I'm completely busy and don't know how much I could truly commit. *smirks* they just want my damn ten dollars.
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