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I wanted to go to New Orleans this year for Mardi Gras.

Sadly, we have a class on that day. In my Caribbean Societies (anth) class.

Ironic or what?

edit I agree with Sarah N...I now have a strong urge to hurl something at my Biological Anthropology professor.

There's a reason she's not a full fledged professor.

And Nick, the so-cute-you-want-to-pet-him GTF is so incompetent.

But sitting next to Chris Hudock in class makes things somewhat easier, due to our mutual loathing of mondays and the professor in general.

I woke up this morning with my eyes practically crusted shut (yum!), but at least the drops are working. Unfortunately, I have to wear my stupid (yet beautiful) glasses for the next week. I have a really egotistical reason for not wanting to wear them, and that's okay. Whatev.

I also think my oncologist thinks I'm insane. I thought about going to the urgent care place for my cold (which has spread to my eyes, thus the goopiness that ensued), but they don't specialize in post-leukemia/chemo/transplant ness and it would be difficult and long winded to attempt to explain that my counts are low, I had a stem cell transplant, on all these pills, why I'm actually in there for a stupid common cold, etc. Thus, called the oncologist on call, (who wasn't my normal dr) and he got really annoyed with me. Whatev.

Holy crap! HPUO's first meeting will be on thursday night here in the EMU! It's really fucking happening!

...It was so hard to let my mom leave yesterday. There's something really comforting about being with her, hanging out, etc. She spent the night saturday night, and truth be told, there was nothing else I'd rather be doing than dinking around on my new computer while she read an arsty magazine on my bed. I know that I need to grow up and do things that must be done by me, but she just exudes serenity (most of the time) and of course, when I'm with her, I don't have to worry about me or food or living expenses or anything, because my mom's taking care of me. And the way she asked about everything, my mental state, my moods, everything, she doesn't judge the way kym does, the way anyone else does. I love my mom.
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