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I wrote some poems for a contest at castlehogwarts. You can guess from the name of the comm what they're about. anyway, enjoy!

Ode to the Monster Book of Monsters

Oh Monster book of Monsters,
how I love thee
Monster book of Monsters
you fascinate and scare me

I attempt to stroke you
and it works for a moment in time
and then I get the urge to chuck you
when you try to bite friends of mine

Hagrid thought it would be funny
to use you for class
it's about as funny
as a three headed dog.



The man of my dreams
or is it my nightmares?

You haunt me
and you're kinda ugly

You wear a turban
and won't touch my skin

You harbor my enemy
in the back of your head

He tried to kill my parents
you're gonna wind up dead

I fought you, you greedy bastard
you wanted the damn rock

but I looked in the mirror of Erised
It was in my pocket instead

Then you vanished
and I fell down

the next thing I knew
you were gone...

oh quirrelmort, where are you?

Voldie's a girly girl

roses are red
violets are blue
I stole voldemort's dollie
away from you

Hermione's woes
I saw you the other day
your mom sent you a howler
I wanted to come talk to you
instead I took a cold shower

I let you copy my homework
I grabbed for your hand one day
in Care of Magical Creatures
I'm holding my feelings at bay

Maybe one day you'll realize
maybe one day you'll care
"it's on his suitcase, Ronald!"
we could make quite a pair

But for now I'll remain a snob
I'll tell you to shut up
and then we'll be in love
when you decide to grow up

Cho Chang Slang
Oh Cho
Cho has woes
her boyfriend's dead
she wants harry in bed
did voldie kill Cedric?
or is she just a whiny b****?
them 'Claws sure get their study on
kinda like Hermione and Ron
Cho's friend Marietta
is a tattle tale-ietta
they were in Dumbledore's Army
but Marietta's kinda smarmy
Harry wanted to take Cho to the ball
instead, Cho stood tall
took Cedric instead
harry's tummy turned to lead
what will happen to their unfinished business?
harry should get himself out of this mess...

my eyes are seeping puss.
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