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friendship is a fickle thing.

There's this girl who has five classes a week with me (they're all anth classes, she's an anth major).

And she seems like a really cool person. We always manage to sit next to each other, and on thursday in one of our labs, when she sat down right next to me again (If I were into girls I would swear she were into me or vice versa), I "formally" introduced myself to her. Her name is Katie. Anyway, she seems really neat, smart, etc, and she sat down right next to me in a different class today. I went to say "good morning" and she ignored me. I mean, she wears hearing aids and might not have heard me, but it's weird how we didn't talk at all but she sat right next to me. Did I usurp her good spot or did she intentionally sit next to me? Was I rude not trying harder to make conversation, or was she okay with that? Was she just too shy to strike up a convo so she pulled out her book? Or did she just genuinely not want to talk to me?

Damn, you'd think that after 21 years of me being in-your-face-friendly, that I would understand people and actually get along with people, have some semblance of people skills, etc. riiiight.

Back at school today. I wish today were yesterday. Not because I wouldn't have school, but because we always have something really fucking interesting to talk about in my Biological Anth class and then I usually get on here and write about it because it's really fucking cool. Damn.
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