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OMG I missed you livejournal!

Anyway, as I was searching for pix of James and Oliver Phelps (and if you live under a rock, they play Fred and George Weasley) online tonight for user images for fredequalsfun (Fred Weasley) over at my rpg, amagicalworld, I ran across quite a few articles about how J & O are out in the community doing community service thingies. It's not even a publicity thing, I found photos of them on sites like the British National Forest Service site replanting trees. I think they've done some muscular dystrophy stuff also, but I don't recall.

The point is, here are celebrities who are doing community service not because it's going to get them noticed (because really, how many people go to the British National Forest Service website?) but because they know they're doing something good for the community. It's nice to see them doing it for the public and not the publicity.

As if you needed another reason to love our favorite michief makers, you've now found one. I <3 them!

link to forest service site:


real life:

our party here was exausting. But it was good to see andrea demonic_raisin, jeanne lphybrid, and sarah little_s42. We had a good pre party bash and then some other people came and some other other people came and we ended up having a decent sized party for a while, which was nice.

Suz speshope and I watched Prisoner of Azkaban and all the extras and stuff. I hate Emmione just a little bit less because of it (yeah, I watched it again because I was sooo going through withdrawls). She's growing up and her acting sucks less. No, she's not better, she just sucks less.

Damn, I'm re reading that top portion bout the phelps. They really do rock. It gives me warm fuzzies just thinking about it. Seriously, I am really beginning to love APO. This last week has rocked, I've just spent so much time with my APOers and I'm finally beginning to feel comfortable with them, it, whatever. It was really cool to see Dave and Heidi show up last night, and even cooler to just talk with Heidi. We have some opposing ideas and it gets kinda heated from time to time, but she's a really rad person. And of course everyone loves Dave, that guy is so good natured, it's amazing. One of the nicest people I know. And just hanging out with them outside of projects and meetings is the greatest thing ever. Like Dan, Dave, Heidi, Heather, they just rock more than they know. And getting the warm fuzzies when you help the community...what's better than that?

Beginning to feel less shitty bout myself.
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