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Oh man, today's been awesome so far.

* Went out to breakfast with Kelly. I didn't realize till we sat down how much I missed her! God, she is just so fucking cool. Must. Hang out. More.

* Cried to Laura. Felt good. Didn't realize how much this past year has affected me. I feel much better.

* Sent off my OHP app in overnight mail. Feel accomplished.

* Went to Career center to find jobs. Feel accomplished.

* Ran into a different Kelly, a fellow anth major, and he gave me a heads up on some job ops. Feel lucky.

* Went to Anth Department Office (in Condon Hall) to whore myself out for a job. The girl, (Cameron maybe?) was awesome and even though Tiffany wasn't there, Girl was awesome and said she'd talk to Tiffany (the anth dept headmistress) about me for a job. Feel accomplished.

* Am emailing Todd, an Anth GTF about a job right as we speak (c/o running into Kelly). Feel accomplished.

* Am done with my Anth Lab and have to go back to Condon Hall and turn it in. Will feel accomplished.

* I don't know if I'll go see OTR/Divisi. And I'm okay with that. Feel good.


Yesterday's mail rocked!

I got my package from john! Inside I found some awesomely fabulous things, including a looong letter which I found most heartwarming and lovely. It was great to read his messy handwriting and it was cute. I promise, it's a good thing! A bunch of photos from when he was younger - they're adorable, because he's this cute little boy in a school uniform or in front of these beautiful old buildings and it's just...another world. All the pix have info on the back and it's really neat to read little blurbs like that. Also, the Amelie soundtrack, one of my fave movies and he says that I remind him of her. I don't see it, but then again you are your own worst critic. Then Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here Album, my fave album of theirs that I lost and WYWH reminds us of eachother anyway. David Gimour Live in Concert, whom I love and he says maybe I'll put it to good use. But of course. And then a sculpture that he created a few years ago (which unfortunately broke :-/ ) but all in all I was most delighted to read and experience everything. It just makes everything so much more real. I'm so lucky to have him in my life!

And then I got a letter from ashley and pix of her and robert and they are so cute! I love the one of you and him sitting on the bed, it's priceless! I'm so glad I've met you also, I hope we all have an HD get together sometime soon.

And a card from my darling doris. I love you so much hon and now i have your snail mail address so I can stalk you!

Party at my place tonight! Be there or be square!
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