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I feel like assssss.

I had to make myself throw up this morning so that I could walk straight. I have the worst hangover I've ever had - or at least in the last year since, well, this last year I've not been allowed to drink much. But I'm glad that I did and now I know not to drink EVER AGAIN. Or at least till friday.

Went out with Dave, Suz, and Allison, all of whom I adore, and then met nick later. I'll spare you all the details because I hate reading about drunken events. Suffice to say I remember everything, the bar tender at Rennie's was super nice and I came back and did a bunch of drunken replies. So I apologize if you were a victim of one of those.

And today I'm skipping my math class because I've already taken this first half of this course already last year (it's one of the courses I was taking when I was diagnosed). So eff that.

Some shit went down yesterday and some adjustments to this lj might be made. I'm not going to ruin my getting over my hangover splendor by getting into it, but...yeah.

Oh, and for ziggystarmod EDIT I forgot to mention ages ago that he redid my layout. Thank you! Mad props to you!!!

PS: hey sarah little_s42 I've got a scottish boy wanting your address. A friend of John's, actually. :-) All these boys pining over you and you're in coos bay. C'est la vie, mon cherie.
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