amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

Phone Post:

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“*laughing* Hi it's Amelia. It's almost 12. It's my 21st birthday forrrr-- oh my goood, lemme s--- I think it's 16 more minutes, but I suck at math. We're back at my apartment after three hours of fabulous... kind sort of non getting intoxicated, but really did. I had a bunch of drinks, I didn't really know what they were. *giggling in background* Susie's kind of helping me stand here. Oh, there she goes again. I'm against the stove! She kind of... knotted some cherry stems, which I'm kind of jealous of. *CRASH* I'm... *laughs* knocking shit over. *talking in background* Um, yeah. Hold on Susie has something to say.

Susie: She is *so* falling over! Hold on to something! Okay, giving the phone back.

Amelia: And it's me. It's Amelia. It's my 21st. I'm probably going to regret this in the morning and I might just delete it. So I hope you guys have a lovely day in the meantime. Have a lovely day!

*laughing in background* Um, Susie that's really funny, but I'm kind of sort of talking to John when I say that because it's almost 8 o'clock there and I'd love to talk to him and he's--he's probably going to hear this. *laughs*

We had a great time. Dave... went from APO. And Alison went. And I'm-- I don't know how much time I have. But Nick met us at Rennie's. And it was great! And have a great evening! Bye!

(note from Susie: It's hard to transcribe when you're tipsy, yo)”

Transcribed by: speshope
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