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*le sigh*

Today I'm upholding the ancient Christian tradition of not working on sunday. Which is kind of a lie because I just went to starbucks and submitted an app/resume. I plan to do the other one tomorrow.

Actually, come to think of it, the events surrounding my quitting my job were kind of funny. I hate this asshole paul momson or whatever his stupid name is. Anyway, so he came in twice on friday. I was working a shift from 7-2:30. He comes in for the second time around 11:

Assholefuckwitjerkfacebuttmunch: (picking up two apples from the basket of fruit on our counter) hey look, I can juggle fruit (to his lame girlfriend, apparently that's showing off to him? I dunno...)

disgruntled employee amelia: you can buy fruit amd juggle it.

assholeblahblahblah: gee, thanks for the info.

me: well, you are fondling our produce.

asshole: (something assholish that now escapes me)

me: you know, you are the rudest person I know. I quit!

my inspiration? "Half Baked" when that guy tells everyone to fuck off. I didn't go out with the bang I anticipated, but it was a grand exit nonetheless.

you know, I really don't feel like an adult. Tomorrow is my 21st (who wants to hit up the bars with me?) and I still wonder if I'm old enough to drink coffee let alone alcohol...I mean, I still say "your mom" and it's ridiculously funny to me. How can I be 21?

Oh, and party here on friday! you're all invited!
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