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whee! internet! at home! that's right, folks, amelia can become a hermit now and not have to go to the library for internet. rocklikewhoa!

I can't tell you how much my biological anthropology professor is stressing evolution and biology etc in the class. Of course it's necessary that one appreciates evolution and all, but this woman stresses it like mad.

And then she pointed out that there was this big debate about whether we are still evolving, can we adapt to our evolving culture, is our culture evolving as fast as it was before, etc.

and then I got to thinking, what about the evolution that we see on a daily basis? We as a species are only living in the moment, and we've seen the history of evolution, but what about webbed toes, larger than normal glands, missing organs (suz is missing something - a gall bladder or something), removable organs that we don't really need anymore, like tonsils, etc. I know I've mentioned this before, but still...I mean, what if what we are seeing isn't necessarily human deficiencies, but evolution at it's finest? We should be proud that we can pick out trends and traits and define it as evolution.

Meh. Just my two cents.


edit: I forgot to mention the tragic demise of my Norah Jones CD. My mom's ancient cat Isis got snot all over it when I was home over break. I miss you norah!

pss: I started "A Series of Unfortunate Events" (wow. I even went back and gave them capital letters. go me) today. ponkie, what book are you on? Anyone else wanna read it with me?

psss: I ran into paul today.
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