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Well, 2005 it's about damn time that you got here. Good riddance to 2004, blood cancer and boy cancer (because sarah had a fiance tumor).

New Year's was good. Was with suz and sarah. We got sarah a tat, which was fucking rockin'. I got my lobes stretched. Well, not really. I got a pair of 14 gauge spirals that fit with no tissue owwies, so that was cool. I can still wear normal earrings AND 14 gauge purple titanium spiral pretties. I successfully spent $60 on earrings in one day.

So after that we went to chile's to eat and sitting near the window we saw mindi, bre, and kat walk by and I couldn't knock on the window fast enough. And then I saw Jess. That fucking broke my heart. I've tried to go see her at work twice in the past three days just to say hi and see if she wants to hang out or something and she wasn't there. She must not work at all during the daytime anymore. I go out of my way to see if she's there, just to talk. I can't believe that she doesn't want to even try to salvage our friendship, it fucking hurts. Seeing her hurt. I just want to be friends again. I just want all of us to be friends again. I can't believe that I have two amazingly wonderful friends, suz and sarah, that stuck by me and inadvertently chose, well, they didn't choose but at the same time understand what I am going through and stuck by me. Not wanting things to be weird when the four of us talk, whether for their own sake or for mine, even in my delerious moment when I was going to invite her to our new year's thing, knowing it would be weird. I have wonderful friends. And now I just wish that her and I could be friends again as well. I went out of my way...

Anyway, then we tried to get piss drunk and watch eddie izzard, although the piss drunk part didn't really work out. I got sick and none of us got drunk enough to do a drunk dial on lj. :-/ saaad. But I've decided that the fem eddie izzard looks like stockard channing.

and then I fell asleep around 2. the end.

oh, and ps: I have a fabulous boyfriend.

now, really the end.
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