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So I think I've come full circle. Figure that one out. I've finally been on LJ far too much that that's the only way some people think they can reach me. In public. Seriously. I have a phone, I have email. You know both of them. Don't pretend you don't know them. And why on earth are you going to belittle me on my own comm? Please...

In other news, Sarah's coming today! Ruth, I'd love to go to the barn party tonight, but I don't want to go out and party tonight - cops'll be out like mad and I have 10 days till my 21st. Not a time to get an MIP. Therefor, Sarah little_s42 and suz speshope and I are all gonna get a buttload of cheap champagne and Eddie Izzard's Dress to Kill and kick it at home this year. Similar to what I did last year, but I actually am doing it on my own accord.

Been reading over this past year's entries and it's just crazy weird, like this whole year has gone by so fast. I'm fucking stokedlikewhoa that it's over. I'm sick of 2004, and thank god tomorrow is a new year, with new goals, higher and better than a stem cell transplant. I'm done making resolutions (okay, I lied. I have one: to manage my bank account this year), but I'm done reflecting, I'm done being in the past. Reflection does nothing for me, as this year has been dedicated to one thing and one thing alone and it is over and I am over it. Good riddance, 2004.

Maybe I'll do a phone post later. With sarah and suz. OMG rocklikewhoa. To all of you who sent me Christmas cards: if you want to be pen pals, email me your regular address, because I think some of you sent them from your parents' place or whatnot when you were home on break. Besides mirawhisperwind, the_duke and ponkie, I have no other school time addies. So tally ho and let's be pen pals! I have an affinity for snail mail, I think it's underrrated for sure.

Happy New Year's and be SAFE
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