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Calling my Band of Pirates:

Hey MHS bandnerds:

This is from the Lovely Lara May:

Hey Amelia! I just wanted to make sure you told everyone that you talk to to go to Abby's at 7 pm on the 26th. I know I'll be there at the very least! :) I tried calling Adam to tell him, but he never called me back...I left a message. Andrew B. will be there and Mr. Allen will be there...hopefully more! I would really like to see more people if possible. I miss everyone! Merry Christmas and hopefully see you on Sunday at 7.


I've discovered why I haven't been in the christmas mood this year. Because it's been freaking like, between sixty and seventy degrees every day sinnce I've been home. I'm so used to being cold and freezing in snow/sleet/high winds and rain, and now I'm just kinda chilled if I leave without a heavy jacket. I've been to the beach twice in the past week. This weather is insane and I'm always tired and that's why I'm not in the christmas mood. It's not christmas weather.


Merry christmas my wonderful friends!

Don't forget that December 27th is "No LJ day", where you don't write in your LJ that day. I'm doing it because it means a lot to someone who means a lot to me, but otherwise try not to be an LJ whore that day. So, therefor, go forth and whore for the next two days.

Have a lovely day my sweet peeps!
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