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Bear with my inner nerd

My best friend is home and that rockslikewhoa.

I'm in an anti sorting funk. For a sorting comm whore, that's rather unusual. Maybe it's because I hate reading about 16 year olds and how they love james and oliver phelps, sean biggerstaff, tom felton, rupert grint, or any other stupid boy on movie!Harry Potter. Because if I see one more post about how much you LOOOOOVE some stupid boy 4500 ish miles away I will scream. You don't love them for their acting, you love them because they're hot. Go play in traffic.

I also really hate stupid fangirls. There are definately two types of fan girls, and the occassional fanboi as well. The obnoxious OMGmyfandomchangeseverytwoseconds <-- I want to shoot them. Ashley mirawhisperwind and I were talking about that, and then there's the other kind, the kind that appreciates more than just the good looks. You stupid squeelers should go play in traffic as well. Think of it as population control.

I blame ridiculous 16 year olds. I was that age once too, singing disney songs on the back of the bus when we had band trips and squeeling over hanson. But you know what? Thank GOD I didn't have an LJ back then.

Oh and if I read one more person who likens me to Hermione Granger...I'll bite your nose off.

/nerd rant.
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