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My Christmas wish:

I've decided that every SINGLE one of my friends who has paid accounts need to do a phone post. I don't have a paid account, so if someone wants to, instead of phone posting, buy ME a paid account so that I can phone post to THEM then sobeit.

Go forth and phone! (you know who you are...)

Edit Some pix for you!

Suz car dancing:

boardwalk. It's really quite pretty.

down at the boardwalk in the bay, there are boats:

then we decided to go to the beach. stupid idea, really, but here's proof that I was walking barefoot in the sand:

It was kinda dark, but really pretty:

and then this morning, I got attacked by Taylor:

He was quite proud of himself:

His next victim? Cedric, the 14 year old mini dauschaund.

the end.
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