amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

OMG OMG OMG OMG July 16th Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is released!

*dies a little* that's sooooo far away! And GoFmovie won't be out for aaaageessss....and I let Kelli borrow PoA so now I'm just freaking SOL (shit outta luck) and I'm at the 'rents house and all I have is canon GoF to tide me over till I get back to eugene. Oh, and all my spamming comms with that great pic of ron and his nasty ass dress robes. I dunno, go to hpguys_daily if you want some good pix.


And then I tried to stay up long enough so that I could call john's place after he had gone to work and I could leave something cute on the voicemail. boo. he doesn't have voicemail. It's the thought that counts, right?

Hung out with suz yesterday. I had the brilliant idea of going to the beach, which was unusual for me as I HATE sand. I mean, I really hate it. I've lived around the beach all my life, and I hate hate sand. It gets everywhere. It's not like dirt, which just stays nicely packed under your feet. Oh, no, it's itty bitty pieces of glass that cling to your feet and underwear and between your toes and creeps up into your folded up jeans...

anyway, so we went to the beach so I could take digi pix and post them maybe but was a bad idea. It was like 5 at night and it was already cold. I mean, it was a bad idea. Worse than a bad idea. The pix came out bad, it was freezing, and the sand got everywhere. And then my feet got so cold that I couldn't actually feel the sand at all. And it was good.

Then, coming back, I told suz not to listen to my ideas ever again, that I shouldn't really have them, as they usually end up like that. She said my ideas turn us into friendsicles. I laughed for five minutes straight reading that.

Sent off all the cards yesterday except the card to Jen in London, sorry I'll do that soon. When are you leaving?
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