amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

Found guilty on all seven charges and convicted of 6-20 years in prison.

I don't know how this makes me feel. I may have ruined this man's life, but at the same time, he may have ruined my best friend's life, the one person that I can count on for anything, the one person that I would do anything for, even compromise my 18 credit's worth of grades to be moral support for two solid days in one of the hardest times of her life.

I feel really blah. I don't know how else to feel. I feel sad, but I should be happy. I guess...revenge and justice are tricky things. I feel like some sad sappy song should be playing so that I can type in the nifty box the music that I feel...but nothing emo enough comes into my head.

I miss Robert. I loved you, Robert! *sigh* death is a tricky thing as well...
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