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"Unless you say it twice it just doesn't mean anything"
"Who put a masking tape fist on our door?"
"I am a Siren I lure people in and then I kill them"
"Whelp, see you later."
"When did our lives become a musical?"
"Can weee uhhhhhhhhhhhh vote for a coed hall?"
"Uhh..are you sure..?"
In the words of Cody: "No one's too poor to go to hell"
"Damn that Kazaa biatch"
"What's her major anyway?" "Skankology"
"This blanket smells like ass"
"Fcuk you."
"So basically it would suck to be anyone but us?"

yea for logan!!

back from the trial. I waited two days to testify for ten minutes. At least I was there for them. I still don't know how the outcome is, it went on into today.

I hate my father. I have no emotional ties to that man whatsoever.

Damask is out. But she trashed my room...*sigh* I hate her.
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