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Wow. So the dance thingamajig was fantabulous. The dinner was an hour late (it was catered. Coincidentally, it was catered by the woman who owns a restaurant that I used to work at during high school. I got really fed up at an employee's meeting one afternoon and walked out on the job. It was kinda weird to see her again to say the least). But the dinner was good, cherish showed up, and that was good. And then, onto the dancing!

I ended up dancing with a lot of middle aged men. It was fabulous. Oh, and some 13 year olds who I taught to swing dance. One of the guys who I danced with was about 70 years old (okay, past middle age), and we lindy hopped to some 50's tune, and he was like, "this music is too new for me!" <3 adorable.

So, all in all, it was a good dance, a good turn out. I was amazed at the amount of alcohol the members of my church imbibes, lemme tell ya. :-) I got to wear my dancing shoes :-) and I got to get out and dance! I miss swing dancing at the Old City Hall every friday night. C'est la vie.

So tonight? We dance! Okay, DDR more like it. This is an open invitation to anyone who's in the area to show up at my place tonight @ 8. Ali, I know you're around here, maybe even Michelle. Andrea, don't lie, you wanna come over. Suz, I KNOW you're coming over and Beth you already made plans to come over. Naima, I wish you COULD come over, as you would blow us all away. (Yes, I'm a nerd, shut up or I start talking about harry potter).

Oh, and shameless plug: go to theweekenders. John just took it over and invited me to help mod it with him. It's this movie dissecting comm where we all watch the same movie on the weekend and then talk about it the next week. GO NOOOOOOOOW.

Oh, and I talked Mom into watching Moulin Rouge with me when we got home last night. I thought of you ashley as Ewan McGregor serenaded the two of us. Now my mom's as obsessed with the soundtrack as I am, so I have to make sure she doesn't try to gakk my CD when I head back to U gene (Eugene).

squeelikewhoa. I can still here his sweet voice in my head and the way he says "cheers" and the sweet laugh. He has the softest, sweetest voice (even if I can hardly understand it) and you can tell when talking to him how wonderful he is, even over the phone.

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