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*sigh* Most retarded person ever. I had colin in here last night for over an hour and I tried to kiss him and I chickened out. Bah! I don't know what the deal is, because he was telling Naima last night that he will probably be over in our dorm a lot and everything, and he is always telling me how I should come spend like, three days at his house and watch all the movies to get up to the dumb inside joke speed, bah! I can't believe I was that dumb!

Birthday was okay. Still in my shit hole and trying to get out of it. That was my goal to be out of here by yesterday. Had to work, but that was fine. Trying to talk again was a trip. That's right, folks, Amelia Laine got her tongue pierced. It is awesome. They didn't give me the oral sex shpeel like they do to everyone else (do I just *look* single???), butthey told me no alcohol, and I drank last night. I was just uber careful.

Woohoo!! Get to see Jeanne today! Her and her mommy are taking me out to lunch because she couldn't make it up yesterday for my birdy day. It wasn't that great jeanne. Basically just me, colin, Naima, her honey Tyler, Cabana boy strawberry kiwi (best bitch drink ever!!!) and 151 brandy or something. Lots of fun. I got him drunk and every thing, I still chickened out! BAH!!

Haven't seen Damask lately, don't know what is going on...

Doing sarah's trial next week. Hope I can talk by then. Bah. Kinda worried that I will fuck things up. I callled the DA's office and tried to do a deposition here, but she emailed me telling me that I was the only sufficient character witness for her. What do I wear if I want to look sufficient and capable? I seriously think that they will get all weird and think I have a compromised moral character when they see me in some funky outfit and all my piercings. how about skirts? Are they the way to go? Then they will see all my bruises. God Damn. Fuck me in the ass....
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