amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

As beth chandlerbeth, suz speshope and I were sitting in Sozo tonight (along with Andrea demonic_raisin and Chris brooks, who is an outcast because he doesn't have an LJ that we know of), we watched a good looking tall young preppy looking guy walk in and out of the cafe (Sozo is a cafe, where andrea works) and he keeps using his cell phone. All evening we had been really bored and loud, Uno just not cutting it for us anymore. Suffice to say, it's a small town. Jeanne, Jayce came in to see us. haha.

Anyway, beth, suz and I were sitting there and this nasty ass girl comes in. She's freaking orange from all the tanner she uses and "she's not even blonde. Look at her roots. What a skank." Or something to that effect says beth. She had those nasty pull-tight-scrunchy pants that stupid girls wear with boots. We got uber bored, so we started commenting on the two of them. Suddenly, Preppy Guy sits down with Skanky Un Blonde. Andrea serves them their drinks.

Preppy extends his hands to hers and she is visibly upset. "Maybe he's breaking up with her..." I mockingly say. She gets up from the table, her makeup all splotchy and streaking down her face as she makes a beeline to the bathroom. He had broken up with her. What an asshat. And in public no less.
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