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word of the day = craaaap.

my brain is fried. It kind of looks like the new background to my lj. craaap. both my brain and the background are rather ugly. who wants to help me?

One final down, one to go. Am expected to do assloads of APO crap today...

then I will get out of this shithole known as finals week and spend 18 days at the 'rents' plance. more I hate being there for assloads of time. They drive me nuts. I love my mom to death, but they drive me nuts.

Why is it that stupid people pervade my life? more craaaap. You know who you are (NOT the same other person who knows who they were involving another something else. way to be vague amelia). craaaap.

I <3 rain, harry potter, shelly, marie, kristen (yes, YOU), AIMexpress, Taylor (all of them.), being done with finals, returning my damn books, LJ (duh) sugarfree redbull, and sleeping.

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