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In a valid attempt to gain more insight into the vast depths of tradition that is known as judaism, I read part of the gospel of Matthew last night.

I don't know why that chapter, and I don't know why those versus. The powers that be? God? Something drew me to that chapter. Well, I researched a few key words and then read it. Besides the sexism, racism, and any other "ism" that you can imagine, the bible is a good read. You should try it some time. I didn't learn much, and at the same time I learned so much more. If nothing else, the Bible really is a collection of stories of the old world with parables on how to lead a moral life. what's that moral? Why, the same backbone of every major religion past and present: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

this isn't a preachy post in the least. In fact, it's meant to be an anthropological marvel into the insights that are this wondrous world. it can only be said that we began as one, are from ONE SOURCE. Our ethics are the same. Why not unite? There is more wisdom in that one parable alone than in all the other books ever written. BE NICE, DAMNIT!


Naima sang at open mike night. She was beautiful, amazing, really truly gifted. I hate songs like that, like the one she sang because it makes me realize there is such a large world out there, so much more for me and I am grasping onto it via that song, that note, that chord progression (damnit, if that C key sticks ONE MORE TIME...). It's like trying to grab water. In the state between a dream and consciousness. Why the fuck do I have to think such beautiful, intelle(fuk)ctual thoughts and not act on them?

A non thinking thought: Bryon the Ex came in with his new girlfriend (him and I
basically met through naima last spring). It was weird. But good. I'm happy for him.
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