amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

he called.

Well, he called last night, I ignored it, I called him back and left a bitchy message on his voicemail, and then he called me back this morning, and we talked. Umm...

I always forget how much I love my friends. Honestly. I am so glad that naima and I have stayed good friends this long - I'm gonna miss you being so close!

Some weird funny thing happened last night. I went to a party with Naima and Gregg, and it happened to be one of our mutual friend's 22nd birthday, Kenny. Kenny lives with Stevo, this really hot, very affeminate guy who's the lead singer for his band, One Point Star. He has a lot of fan girls and they drove me EFFING NUTS (but that's not the point of the story). Anyway, we couldn't find Kenny anywhere (or adam, as I wanted to say hi to him), so we went back to the porch. I was just standing there, and I asked a guy with bright red curly hair if he knew where Kenny was, and he was like, "did you comment in my lj?" OMG. So, I was surfing, and I guess he's a friend of a friend (I'm gonna have to go try to retrace my steps now), and I randomly commented in his lj about a week ago. and based on our livejournal user icons, we recognized eachother. How fucking weird/cool is that???
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