amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

1 Name:</b> Amelia
2 Age: 20
3 Which Harry Potter character are you most similar to?: I know this may be a bit strange, but the girls on the gryffindor quidditch team, like Angelina Johnson, etc. I was in tae kwon do for eight years (am currently a second degree black belt) and, like those girls, am a female in a male dominated sport. They seem relatively fun and relaxed and hardcore, and I consider myself like that most of the time. I've been called a "spitfire" repeatedly.
4 Which character would most likely be your enemy?: oh, god, probably stupid pansy parkinson. While her character is really interesting to dissect, she's a prissy bitch and would annoy the crap out of me. If she were a muggle, she'd probably be one of those really bitchy (now, some are and some aren't, so don't think I'm talking about all of them), but she'd probably be one of those really stuck up sorority girls who I can't stand (again, I'm friends with quite a few of them, just not all of them).
5 If you were sorted, in which house would you belong? (NOT which house you want to be in, but which your personality fits best!): I'm in a lot of different sorting comms, and I get sorted most frequently into both gryffindor and slytherin. It's really interesting to see why if you look at my astrological sign (a little something something for you to ponder) *takes a deep breath* my birthday is on January 10th, which makes me a capricorn. A signature capricorn is motivated, determined, analytical, driven to succeed, ambitious, and slightly elite. They need few friends to be happy and enjoy solitude. Sound like a certain house? Yeah. And I don't take shit from anyone. So some would sort me into slytherin. Although, most of my bigger planets (the bigger the planet, the more the influence) are in fire signs - saggitarius, aries, and leo. Therefor, my natural state is pretty happy and excited, I love people and new things, I will flame anyone who dogs on anything dear to me, and I am really intense sometimes. And I don't mind having the spotlight once in a while. Oh, and I was diagnosed with Leukemia in january (am done with treatments how), but a lot of people would call me brave for still being in school, going to work, and having a life. And people would consider me hardcore. Sound like a house you know? Yeah, gryffindor. So, you know, a little bit of both really, it all depends on the day.

6 How were you introduced to Harry Potter?:
At first, I really despised it and thought it was a little kid fad and was soooo annoyed. But then I got into it right after I graduated from high school (three years ago) and haven't quit since!
7 Have you read all of the Harry Potter books?: yes, all a variety of times. I like PoA the best, so I've read that one the most.
8 How long have you liked Harry Potter?: umm...didn't we just go over this? Almost three years.
9 How many times have you read each of the books?: again, a variety of times. If I had to estimate, I'd say SS: 3, Cos: 1 or 2, PoA: 4 or 5, Gof: 2, OotP:1
10 Which is your favourite book?: PoA. the trio is growing up, and harry's past gets even more twisted. I also really like Lupin. He's a good man, he just has a bit of a werewolf problem. I also like the interactions between Lupin and Black.
11 Which versions do you own?: The american ones. Softback. PoA is kinda ratty, I think my cat enjoyed it too.
12 Do you own Quidditch Through the Ages, Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them, &/or The 13 Magical Worlds of Harry Potter?: I've read them. I own "The magical world of Harry Potter" which isn't directly related to HP, or rather HP endorsed or anything, but it goes through all the magical stuff in the books and talks about it's true real life history (haha. or lacktherof).
13 Do you think the books can be improved in any way?: I want to know if a dementor is alive or dead. I want more history on them. Other than that, I think they rock.
14 Favourite chapter?(all books): Oh, gosh...ummm...the one about the quidditch world cup. I think that's the name. Anyway, we see Narcissa for the first time, and we see a lot of the students outside of hogwarts, which I love. I'm really intrigued by the Malfoys, so I like reading about them as much as possible.
15 What theories/predictions do you have about future books?: I am totally a Ron/Hermione shipper, so I hope they get together. If Harry doesn't die, I hope that he gets together with Ginny. I think that Neville is more important than we lead on.

16 Who is your favourite professor?:
I really love McGonagall. She's a hardass, but she's fair. I really love that about her. She is wise without being snooty, and I really love the idea of transfiguration any way.
17 Who is your favourite student?: The twins. I LOVE their humor. I could quote eighty gajillion of their little quips. We'll go with them because (even EXCLUDING the movies), they have this airy, fun, don't-give-a-sh** characteristic that I find appealing and amusing.
18 Who is your favourite minor character?:hmmm... probably Ginny. I mean, she's really coming into her own in the last two books and I really like all the weasleys (except for percy, ugh. what a creep). She's becoming quite the independent, beautiful young woman with the signature knack for trouble streak which is so prevalent in the weasley bloodline.
19 Who is your least favourite professor?: they all amuse me. And of course, Umbridge was designed to be hated, so that would be a cop out. Probably Binns, because he just sounds so BORING.
20 Who is your least favourite student?: lavenderparvati. That...THING is sooo annoying. They don't respect anyone and it drives me nuts.
21 Who is your least favourite minor character?: Petunia. She's described as being "horse like". Her voice (again, excluding the movies and solely based on the books) would drive me effing nuts. I would, like, chain her up outside a house if I lived with her (that is, based on my current age and not harry's). Ack. And she just grates me, the way she blatently favors her stupid fat son. Geez, I hope he blows up.
22 What is your favourite beast?: Oooh, a dragon! man, I want to spit fire onto something if I don't like it/them. That would rock hardcore.
23 Favourite quotes?: the twins in SS at the station: "Honestly, woman, you call yourself our mother?"

Dumbledore (again, is SS): "What happened between you and professor Quirell down there is a secret, so, naturally...the whole school knows" (haha. the story of my life.
Ron (in Cos): "why couldn't it have been 'follow the butterflies'?"

24 How do you feel about Harry Potter being made into movies?:
I think they left a lot out, but they got the point across and that's the best part. The first two were very magical all shiny and crap, and PoA was a lot darker (different director. Duh). It took me a few viewings to actually like the new style, and they cut a lot out (of my favorite book! *wah*) but all in all, I'm waiting avidly for GoF to come out (even though I just bought PoA like, a week ago).
25 Have you seen the movies?: Yup. Own all three.
26 What did you think about the movies?: I feel as if I just explained this above.
27 Are you planning on seeing the rest of the movies?: Oh, but of course. I can't wait to see the Yuletide ball in GoF. AND my favorite actor (SHUT UP I've liked him since "Armageddon"), Jason Isaacs, is the only one currently under contract for OotP. A little worried about that one, since the child actors only sighed contracts for the first four. But, you know, it'll work out. I wouldn't mind if Emma Watson was replaced, as she drives me nuts.
28 What do you think should be changed about the movies?: I think that they edited certain sub plots to make room for stuff that wasn't actually in the books (especially PoA). I really wish we could have seen Oliver want the house cup sooo badly. Oh, and I hear that GoF will start at the beginning of the year and that they are omitting the quidditch world cup. That makes me very sad and I would LOVE to see it.
29 Is there anything you hate/extremely dislike about any of them? If so, what?: Emmione. She drives me nuts. She ruins the character and pulls so much from EMMA into HERMIONE because she can't act worth a damn. Oh, and she needs to hire a stylist.

30 Do you like fanfiction?:
Only good fan fic. Poor quality writing drives me nuts.
31 Do you read fanfiction?: sometimes if I'm UBER bored.
32 Do you write any fanfiction?: I've been known to write a few stories. None that I've actually, you know, 'net published or anything.
33 Do you like fanart?: Meh. It's okay.
34 Do you do any fanart?: No. Mostly because my fan art consists of stick figures.
35 Do you have Harry Potter merchandise?: haha. yeah - draco/harry quidditch legos...OH! and I made myself some house logo sweatshirts (with my name on the back and everything. yay!)

36 Do you like reading, in general?:
yeah, most of the time. I hate reading boring text books though.
37 What other books do you read?: I read a lot of historical fiction, or some tasteful future fiction (not science fiction. well, some of that as well).
38 What is the house you're most frequently sorted into? (no lying, please) gryffindor and slytherin
39 Where did you find out about us?: I saw that someone had it on their interests and I was interested, although I can't remember where. sorry!
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