amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

Countdown to the best birthday ever: 37 days and counting!

Haven't spoken to it since tuesday. Have thus deemed myself unimportant. A little disappointing, but somewhat liberating. Albeit, somewhat annoyed. Scratch that. VERY annoyed. I hate hate HATE people who waste my time. It's definately disappointing, because he's the kind of person that if I were to settle down with, it would be his type of guy. Nonetheless, he wasted my time apparently. How hard is it to pick up a phone and talk for sixty seconds. Yeah. Exactly.

Had a surprisingly good time last night with APO. I got some award thingie, which was really cool and it kind of rejuvenated me as far as APO goes. Which is good, because earlier in the day, I was telling Lauren about our night of "APO crap, followed by some other crappy crap." Actually, I stayed till about 11:30 and had fun and I love my un pledgelings (they are now "brothers") and some of exec. Yay! I'm glad that I went, because I've been feeling uber shitty and flaky about APO and it's nice to feel unflaky and unshitty. yay!

Suz and her parents started moving stuff in today. Unfortunately, her dad is uber sick and she basically told me it was a good idea if I left. So I did.

It's good to feel good about something again. I mean, it's been a kind of not shitty per se, but not uber fun week. Stressful, as it is dead week. So, at least I feel good about some things again.

Except for the whole gaining weight thing. I know other people don't see it and that's okay, but what if they do? And more to the point, *I* do, and that sucks. I weigh more now than I have in the past year. Duh, you fucker, it's because you've been fucking sick for the past year and now that you're getting better...Okay, enough of that.

*does a dance* tra la la. Won't think about that now. Trying to decide if I want to go to an APO party tonight. tra la la. Could go with andrea, can't go with dave...what to wear? And do I really want to go? I want counting on hearing from it and maybe hanging out tonight, but his ESP sucks, or he forgot about me or something and therefor we haven't made plans. And the APO people are cooler (well, most of them) than I usually give them credit, a great lively bunch when given enough space, fun, and the occassional sip of spirits...and besides, I wouldn't want to just jump at the first chance to hang out with he-who-I-am-unimportant-to...right?
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