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I am not living in my own room, not for the moment. I thought things were done, and then complex director Mike called me yesterday when I was snuggling with Neo-Ryan and told me that action was being taken (after I thought everything was better), and that he was moving me out for a few days. Balls...

I just wish everything was over and done with. I don't want to be singled out, I don't want over-drama, regardless of what people think of me, I just want it done. This is exactly what I didn't want to happen, I didn't want everyone to think that i am this huge drama queen, I just wanted it quietly dealt with.

I could care less whether or not she knew where I am living for right now, I may or may not move back. It just makes me sad that the one person I thought I could count on here thinks I am making all up here. Oh, well. Whatever.

Damask came and talked to me at work today, and she looked like shit. She told me that she didn't even remember saying what she said, and that she didn't even tell her ex what I had done. It's kind of like breaking up and getting back together. you are kind of weary the fact that things got fucked up and then you wonder if it will happen again, and both sides have issus with everything. whatever

Party tomorrow night hopefully. The shittiest part of this whole deal is that my birthday is tomorrow. My family always made a huge deal about it, for most of my upbringing, you were a princess for the day on your birthday. *sigh* meh, what can you do. Not a big deal or anything, i just wish I could be with my friends here. It isn't like I am not allowd over there, I am a little pissed at roger (completely different thing), and everyone else seems to think that I am some kind of drama queen. whatever.
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